People in the machine

Electronic, acoustic instruments and voices

2017 Creation - 6th KBA collective
January 2018

"Kreiz Breizh Akademi # 6 is based on electronic music.

Conducted by Erik Marchand, the eleven musicians of "Pobl 'B'ar Machin[e]" tinker with sounds and voices, between turbo folk, oriental pop, trip hop or dañs-trañs"

The sixth collective coming from Kreiz Breizh Akademi

offers a musical exploration on the borders

of acoustic and electronic.


An hybrid sound evoking a living machine, mixing breton singing tradition and world modern sounds and instruments.


Working on reworked tone and electronic transe music, musical themes from south bretagne balance between freshness, poetry and electronic spirit.


Specific acoustic instruments, sounds and voices join the keyboard's, pads' and hurdy gurdy's tones.


Musical colors of KBA's collective, due to their choice to preserve « blue notes » from popular breton songs,

find here an echo in oriental and balkanic actual music.

Estelle BEAUGRAND & Paul SALAUN : voices

Olivier CATTEAU : clarinets, midi controler, machines

Grégoire CHOMEL BARBEDOR : tuba, serpent, machines

Gaspard DELOISON : fretless electric guitar, oud

Bastien FONTANILLE : hurdy gurdy, circuit bending, machines

Benoît GUILLEMOT : drums, programming

Joachim MOUFLIN : bouzouq, microtonal electric guitar

Antoine PERAN : flute

Antony PROVOST : keyboards, programming

Brian RUELLAN : trumpet, bugle

Artistic director : Erik Marchand,

sponsored by Youn Kamm

Sound : Julien Le Vu
Light creation : Sylvain Hervé

Video mapping : Thierry Salvert & Sébastien Bouclé

​Management : Catherine Bihan-Loison (DROM)

Booking : Naïade Productions


© 2017 by DROM.

KBA#6 est une co-production Drom / La Grande Boutique soutenue par le CNV, l'ADAMI, la SPEDIDAM,

la DRAC Bretagne, la Région Bretagne, et les départements du Finistère, Côtes d'Armor, Morbihan.